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Business and Office

80 Robinson Rd
(No reviews; 215 Views)
80 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068898
Business and Office

it is generally user friendly with lifts wide enough. the only concern is getting there from mrt - it is a very long distance passing by construction sites which are not very friendly to wheelchair users
(1 Review; 370 Views)
1 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138632
Business and Office

Directions: via One-North MRT in B2. Or via the street in L1. Bus routes: 91 (bus stop in front), 14, 166, 196, 74 (bus stop near Dover road junction). Entrance: Low gradient ramped floor from the the street. Auto slide doors. Floors: Flat throughout. Toilets: Accessible toilet available in all levels. Lifts: Available in all levels. Public can access L3-B6. Lift buttons at medium height. Parking Lots: Accessible lots available. Other remarks: Quite spacious. Not very crowded.
Galaxis Building
(2 Reviews; 756 Views)
1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138632
Business and Office

This is a new building with eateries and offices. Conveniently located next to One-north MRT, this has good accessibility with ramps and lifts.
Immigration and Checkpoint Authority ICA
(No reviews; 766 Views)
Kallang Walk, Singapore
Business and Office

Located next to Lavender mrt, the ICA building provides passport, visa, etc. services. The building is overall nicely accessible via ramps and lifts. However, the lift call buttons are a bit high. There are accessible toilets but they are located inside the regular toilets. The eLobby located in L1 has separate booths for disabled. The staff are friendly and provide special assistance.
JTC Launchpad
(2 Reviews; 1464 Views)
79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955
Business and Office

JTC LaunchPad @ one-north is a vibrant, nurturing environment for start-ups and incubators in the biomedical sciences, infocomm, media, electronics and engineering industries. It comprises BLK 71, 73 and 79. It's located near One-north MRT across the road but the entrance to the area is only through a steep ramp. Once that is crossed, there are normal ramps to enter the blocks. There are accessible lifts, toilets and parking lots.
National Design Centre
(1 Review; 511 Views)
111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
Business and Office

This is where designers and businesses congregate to exchange ideas, conduct business, use its facilities and obtain assistance from the national agency for design, the DesignSingapore Council. Directions: 5 mins distance from Bugis MRT. Other nearest mrt is Bras basah but this mrt has some accessibility issues, Entrance: A small ramp. Sliding doors. Lifts: Two sets of lifts available. The lifts on left side can't reach L3. Use the ones to your right. This lift is kind of 'hidden' behind a shop. Toilets: available Other remarks: Floor generally flat but for some medium slope ramps. In L1, there may be obstructions making the path narrow,
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