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Banking and Finance
3 Places

Includes places such as banks, money exchangse, etc.
Business and Office
6 Places

Includes office buildings, factories, etc.
Entertainment and Recreation
10 Places

Includes places such as Cinemas, Gamezones, Sports venues, etc.
Food and Beverages
86 Places

Includes restaurants, cafes, etc.
Food centres
44 Places

Includes places such as Food courts, coffee shops, etc.
Healthcare and Wellness
98 Places

Inclueds places like Hospitals, Polyclinics and Homes.
3 Places

Includes places like Schools, Universities, Associations and other institutions.
26 Places

Places of Interest
69 Places

Includes tourist spots, parks, museums, etc.
222 Places

Includes malls, supermarkets and other shops.
150 Places

Includes transport related places such as MRTs, Interchanges, Airport, etc.
8 Places

Includes places not covered by other existing categories.
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