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Nature Vegeterian Catering Pte Ltd
11 Jalan Bukit Merah, Block 11, Singapore 150011
Food and Beverages
Added: 21 May, 16   

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Vegetarian coffee shop serving a variety of asian delights.

Nearest MRT: Redhill MRT. However, this is quite a distance away from the MRT (roughly around 15-20 minutes walking time).

Buses: Take any of the following buses to bus stop 10139 (Blk 1, Jln Bukit Merah): 14, 123, 147, 153, 196, 197, 198, 855 or 961. All these buses are wheelchair accessible and the bus stop itself is too. It is just a short distance, about 2-3 minutes walk, from the bus stop to Block 11 along a pedestrian walkway. There is a ramp leading from the walkway down to Block 11.

Entrance: There is a step into the inner seating areas and payment counter. Some wheelchair users might be able to wheelie up this (it is not a very high step).

Seating: There are seats inside the shop, but also outside the shop along the walkway that does not require one to overcome the step. The tables are waist height and the chairs are easily removable.

Walkway: The walkway outside the shop is sufficiently wide for movement and turning. The walkway between tables inside the shop is a little more cramped but if you choose the tables nearer to the entrance there should not be a problem.

Payment counter: The counter is waist height, but it is inside the shop, behind the step.



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