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JTC Launchpad
79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955
Business and Office
Added: 26 Aug, 15   

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JTC LaunchPad @ one-north is a vibrant, nurturing environment for start-ups and incubators in the biomedical sciences, infocomm, media, electronics and engineering industries. It comprises BLK 71, 73 and 79.

It's located near One-north MRT across the road but the entrance to the area is only through a steep ramp. Once that is crossed, there are normal ramps to enter the blocks.

There are accessible lifts, toilets and parking lots.



"very good"
25 February, 2016 raja
With the construction of new ramp near the traffic junction, the accessibility is very good.
"Response to request"
29 August, 2015 raja
> I like to know how accessible is BLK 73B. And what's a good route to go there?
This is same as The Meeting Point, just behind the basketball court.

Manual swing doors. Otherwise, it has pretty good accessibility.

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