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Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
52 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 609690
Healthcare and Wellness
Added: 24 Jul, 15     Updated: 11 Aug, 15   

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Used to be known as Alexandra hospital, this is a brand new hospital building with excellent accessibility options. Easily accessible from Jurong East MRT via pedestrian bridges.



"Good accessibility from MRT"
15 January, 2016 gracec

Via JEM to Big Box route -- Photo 11: Enter JEM from MRT Exit B, turn right at Swatch. Photo 12: Follow spacious pedestrian bridge to Big Box. Photos 13 to 15: Locate home.BOX (shown in photo), exit, follow the bridge to hospital.
"Good accessibility from MRT"
15 January, 2016 gracec
Photo 4: Map shows you can easily access the hospital from Jurong East MRT via 1) Westgate route, or 2) JEM to Big Box route.

Via Westgate route -- Photos 5 & 6: From MRT Exit A, turn right into Westgate. Keep walking straight till the end and locate the wide pedestrian bridge (near Paradise Dynasty restaurant at Westgate Level 2) to hospital. Photos 6 to 9: Directional signages and self-service information kiosk at the hospital entrance. Photos 10: Map near hospital to guide direct

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