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Getting Started

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How to Assess the Accessibility of a Place?

There are certain features that make a place physically accessible. For example:

Other accessibility features that you might want to look out for and comment on include:

As the list above is not exhaustive, feel free to also share on other accessibility aspects we have not covered in your reviews too.

Do also note that some categories of places have place-specific features. For example, some wheelchair users might want to know close the screen is from a wheelchair-accessible seat to the screen in a particular cinema. Do add comments on these place-specific features if you happen to take note of them too!

A picture is worth a thousand words! So pls do also add photos of a place, capturing the accessibility features, to supplement your review.

How to Rate a Place

The rating of a place gives a general overall indication of the accessibility of this place.

1 star: One or less wheelchair accessible features were observed, including major hurdles such as step(s) at the entrance. Location is mostly not wheelchair-friendly as majority of wheelchair users would find it hard to access this place.

2-3 stars: Wheelchair-users might face some difficulty in accessing this place. However, depending on the user, they may be able to overcome the barriers presented. Some accessible features can be found at the place to facilitate wheelchair users (about 50% of the place features are wheelchair-friendly).

4-5 stars: Most wheelchair users should find it easy to access this place. The place is very wheelchair friendly as it contains accessible features where necessary (around 90% and above of the place features are wheelchair-friendly).

Tutorials: Web App

Find Accessibility Info of a Place (Very Easy: < 1 min)

Add Photo (Easy: < 1 min)

Write Accessibiliy Review For a Place (Medium: 1-2 min)

Request Accessibility Review (Medium: 1-2 min)

Add a New Place (Advanced: 3-5 mins)

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